What to expect

Your professional massage will begin with a consultation and a review of your symptoms and medical history.  Please inform of any bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumors or any areas of recent fractures so we can work around these areas.

You will get a choice of an aromatherapy scent to be diffused in the room.  Please specify if you would like a certain genre of music to be played during your massage, otherwise calming spa music will be played.

When I leave the room to wash my hands, you will undress according to your personal comfort level.  Some clients prefer to keep their undergarments on while others are comfortable with out.  You will then lie down on a massage table between cotton sheets and a blanket.  Table heat will be available.

Most sessions will include an organic massage lotion, aromatherapy, heated towels and an application of hot or cold ointment if needed.  A face mask will be used with a fresh tissue to cover.

Massage usually begins with your back and then moves down to the legs and feet.  After turning over the massage continues on your legs, arms hands, neck and head.  You are under a sheet and blanket at all times and only the part of the body being massaged is uncovered.

The amount of pressure applied will completely be your choice.  I will ask you in the beginning of your massage if  you need more pressure or less and would expect you to tell if the amount of pressure applied is too much or too little so that I can make the necessary adjustments.